Development & Engineering Design

Delivering a full range of professional Solid Modelling, CAD and Engineering Design Services

Machines are designed to high specification to ensure parts are processed in an accurate and repeatable way. We are experienced in ‘Pick and Place’ processes using electrical actuators and with the technical sourcing of Servo motors, precision ball screws, precision linear rails, synchronous belt drives, drive pulley systems and pneumatic systems. Solidworks has been the CAD / Design tool utilised to produce all level of engineering parts, sub assemblies, fabrications, welded structures, castings and, of course, engineering piece part drawings.

We have extensive and practical experience of working with bespoke machine manufacturers.  Most recently, we have been involved in machinery designed for precision lapping and polishing of bespoke parts.

Mechanical Design

We actively and effectively tackle engineering and production challenges in the early design stages, saving you a lot of time and money later on.


Over the years we have worked on a wide variety of projects, from retail furniture and fixture designs including steel fabrication design sourcing. In all cases we have offered a full design service, from concept to production. We manage all our projects and will happily develop our process, to meet specific project requirements when necessary.


Caddology offers a professional, methodical approach enhanced by flexibility and impeccable attention to detail. We set a lot of store by our customer service and focus hard on competitive pricing and full customer satisfaction. Whatever your project might be, get in touch, and we’ll discuss your individual needs.

In addition to expertise and finesse in CAD software, at Caddology, we can bring a practical engineering mindset to your project. This helps us not only to bring your designs to life, but also to troubleshoot mechanical issues as we go.

Engineering & Product Design

In all projects to date, we have made sure we have an input into the fit, form and function of the part at the early stages of the design process. Many companies produce a fantastic design from an artistic and form perspective, however we then find it cannot be produced economically or may be not be able to be produced at all and more importantly, it may not meet its final specification in terms of load performance. 


At Caddology Ltd we offer a variety of design support and CAD services. The following details indicate the range of work we have undertaken and nature of the support we provide in this bespoke sector.

At Caddology Ltd we understand the importance of Design for Manufacture (DFM) as part of the design process. This is so important, so may organisations go blindly into a product design and then it is potentially left to engineers to provide a solution, often with extra project costs incurred.

To date Caddology Ltd have supported companies and projects that use the following moulding techniques;


  • Prepreg - Open Moulding / Autoclave cure
  • Prepreg - Two Part compression mould tool
  • Prepreg - Moulding design using silicon bag / silicon intensifiers.


Whilst these processes are well proven the parts created all tend to be small batch production and one off forms. To ensure we offer the best service we work closely with the manufacturers to ensure we optimise the design to the exact process requirements. The process requirements are driven by the part specification in terms of fit, form and finish and its load performance.

The following images are snapshots of certain projects which have used the above processes in one form or another.

If you require support for a new project or are looking to tool an existing part design, we are able to offer support and advice as necessary to deliver the final solution.


Note - All design works, models and tooling details were completed using Solidworks.

Mould Tool Design

Caddology | Delivering a full range of professional Solid Modelling, CAD and Engineering Design Services
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